Dove Visible Results Softening Bodywash

Well I could give it all the science what-not but why bother? What all the shower science boils down to is that this showergel is designed to moisturise extremely well. Washing dries skin out – but this shower gel doesn’t just compensate for that, it overcompensates, leaving your skin with higher moisture levels than it had before your shower, meaning soft and happy skin. This product is extremely nice to use, with a rich texture and lather which feels luxurious and lovely. I do love the way it makes my skin feel, especially if I use a moisturiser after showering with it. Using this does mean forsaking more glamorous packaged or excitingly fragranced shower gels, but for me the bottom line is how good does my skin feel. And actually, I really just want to use something that leaves my skin feeling super. At just over £3 a bottle I will definately be buying this for myself after the bottle I was given is finished.

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